Security and Access Controls

Protect what matters most. Our alarm systems and security control solutions give you access, status and—most importantly—peace of mind that your investment is protected. As with all of our projects, yours is customized to exact needs, we provide you access and security control from your smartphone.

Certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

ALARM SYSTEMS Protect your home or office.

We implement entry or burglar alarm systems for both residences and businesses. Our depth of knowledge means we’re able to find the right fit for your location, whether you need a full initial installation, a noninvasive solution, or are looking to replace a current vendor with a better level of service. All our alarm systems are fully interactive, so you can access yours and check its status from your smartphone—anytime, anywhere. And, we offer a guaranteed price for the life of each contract. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured as alarm technicians in the state of Texas.

COMMERCIAL ACCESS CONTROL Provide limited access.

Our commercial access control systems allow you to control keycard entry to buildings, elevators, and office spaces—anywhere where you, your employees, or guests require entry with some level of encryption. Our access control solutions are ideal for hotels, apartment complexes, and office buildings.      


Control your garage door remotely.

No more wondering, “Did I close my garage door?” after you’ve already left for the day. With our garage door solutions, you can pull out your phone, see the status of your door, and—if necessary—close it by pressing one button, even if you’re already miles away.

We’re an authorized dealer. Check out our webpage on their site HERE.


With our video intercom system, you can check who is at the front door from any of your Control4 touchscreens. You can also use our video intercom systems for room-to-room communication throughout your entire home, or just to call the kids for dinner!


Control entry via keycodes and your smartphone.

Lock and unlock your home from your smartphone—whether you’re on the property or not. Set specific keycodes for each individual: a petsitter, a caregiver, your housekeeper. And, give each of your children a keycode—no more wondering who came home from school when, as you’ll be able to see it all from your phone.


See who’s ringing your doorbell—from your phone.

No more guessing, “Who’s ringing my doorbell?” And, no more dashing downstairs when you’re getting ready only to find a solicitor on the doorstep. A video doorbell gives you the ability to interact with guests and solicitors right from your smartphone, with one-way video and two-way audio—whether you are actually home or not.