Home Automation



Give yourself and your family peace, control, and security. With a smart device and the control provided by our technicians, Home Automation is within reach. We’ll work with you to tailor your home automation solution exactly to your needs and wishes. We’ll create the system of your dreams. Have control over your system each and every day—without your ongoing attention.



Give yourself easy, optimal system control.

No more struggling with multiple remotes. Home Automation with our Universal Control products ensure a single button press accomplishes what’s necessary, and that your home automation system is always configured optimally to guarantee performance success. Take it a step further, get rid of the remote, and control it all from your smartphone.

Want to level up further? We can configure your home automation system so you can control your A/V, your lights, your thermostat, and more—all from your phone.


Simplify your A/V experience.

Never wrestle with your TV or audio system again. Whether it’s you or a guest using your system, our home automation solution ensures easy operation without an instruction manual. And, if someone changes a setting, you can easily reset your system with the press of a button—or turn it on remotely using your smartphone, whether you’re in downtown Houston, or across the globe.


Automated window shades are motorized blinds and shades that are programmed based on your schedule, voice command, or button control. You can even program your blinds or shades to rise when the sun rises, and close when the sun sets. Waking up to the morning sunlight is extremely beneficial for your wake/sleep cycle, and you could even wake up more alert and energized . With all of that extra energy, you’re sure to excel in your day to day activities. To your employer, you’re welcome.


Tailor your lighting.

Imagine simplifying your home lighting control. Turn lights on or off, dim them, or control multiple lights with one button press. Or, pre-set your lights to turn on at sunset automatically each day, with no adjustment necessary from you. Our automated lighting solutions free you—no more running around turning them on or off.

HVAC CONTROL Control your thermostat remotely.

Our HVAC control automation gives you the ability to interact with and control your thermostat (or multiple thermostats) from your smartphone. Bump up the temperature a few degrees or kick on the A/C when your plane lands, for instance—and by the time you’re home from the airport, your home is just as you’d like it.

Landscape Lighting

Did you know that landscaping is one of the biggest influencers of your home’s curb appeal? A high-end curb appeal can even increase your home’s value by 5-11%. You can use landscape lighting to brighten up dark trees or increase the visibility of your home. Another benefit of outdoor landscaping is that there is a 100% chance that your teenager will be more hesitant to escape through the window after they’ve “gone to bed early”.

Automated Pool Control

Don’t you hate when you’ve flown to Aspen in your private jet, and you have to wait until you arrive to heat up your private hot tub? Us too… Well, with automated pool control, you don’t have to wait! You can control the temperature of your pool or hot tub any time, any place.

Automated Sprinkler Control

With automated sprinkler control, you can schedule to irrigate grass or plants based on the day’s forecast, or create a schedule to set it-n-forget it. So, even in the middle of a drought, your lawn will stay fresh and green.

Outdoor Audio

At Grand Slam AV, we offer landscape audio systems that are great for patios, putting greens, pools, and more! You’re free to move around (or dance around) without missing a beat of your favorite song. Just like that, your outdoor space is Coachella. The speakers we offer are also barely visible, which means you won’t lose the aesthetic appeal of your backyard space.