Custom Audio/Visual Solutions



When you’re home, you want to relax with your favorite shows, kick back to watch a movie, or stream tunes while you make dinner. That’s why we offer a range of lifestyle-enhancing audio/visual solutions to make sure you can enjoy music and media on demand throughout your house. Our Custom AV solutions will have you and your guests coming back for more. Grand Slam AV and Security offers the best connected systems and creative solutions to access your audio and video from anywhere in your home.

At Grand Slam AV and Security, every solution we offer is completely tailored to each individual project and client, so whatever your A/V needs are, we’ve got them covered. What’s more, we’ll set up your Custom AV solution so that you can control everything easily from your smartphone.



Listen to music anywhere.

Keep the peace in the family. You can listen to Pandora in your bathroom, have the game on out on the patio, and let the kids listen to their (awful) music in their bedrooms. With distributed audio, you’ll all be able to hear what you want from wherever you want—at the same time, all with the control of a smart device.



Watch different shows in different locations.

Yes, with distributed video, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Entertain the kids with PBS in the family room while you watch your favorite show in another room. Just as with distributed audio, you can watch it all at the same time, all with the control of a smart device. Our distributed video solutions can also reduce the number of cable boxes you lease, providing video to all household TVs with fewer boxes—and saving you monthly fees.



Bring the cinematic experience home.

A custom media room brings the big-screen experience into your home. We’re experts at converting unused space in your home into a place to revel in the movie-watching experience. With our creativity and technology, attics, empty bedrooms, and basements transform into surround-sound theaters for your watching pleasure.



Enhance your listening and watching experience.

With its 360° stereo effect, surround sound brings audio to life—that’s why it’s one of our most highly requested services. We’re masters at transforming any environment—even in older homes—and providing 100% of the equipment needed to implement surround sound with a variety of speaker configurations and cutting-edge sound formats.



There’s nothing worse than finding a cozy spot on your couch, but then having to get back up to turn off that one light you missed. Fortunately, with Grand Slam AV voice control systems, you can control all of your devices without having to move an inch. You can use, Alexa, Google, or Siri to control your lights, tv, and even your thermostat with a simple voice command. Now that’s living in luxury!



Are you tired of sacrificing another NCAA championship for the season premier of the bachelor? Squinting your eyes to see the score on your phone, while the bachelor contestants take their turns weeping on the big screen? Well, no more! By incorporating a video wall into your home, you won’t miss a game while also keeping the rest of your family happy and entertained. In addition to showing different sources on each tv, you can use them all to display one picture. This makes video walls perfect for hosting a watch party for your friends and family (even if it is the bachelor).