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by | Aug 18, 2022 | Blog

The future of Summer is definitely something to look forward to. With Summer 2022 coming to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future of smart home technology and how it changed the way we enjoy the Summer. Between vacations abroad or staying at home, Grand Slam A/V & Security has all of your technology needs covered! Summer has never been more fun with all of our entertainment solutions and entire-home smart technology systems. 

What does the future of Summer look like?

Imagine, you and your family are enjoying a relaxing day by the pool. The kids are splashing and you’re enjoying the outdoor kitchen. The only thing that could go wrong is your speaker dying or bluetooth disconnecting, and we’ve got the perfect solution! With partners like Sony, Coastal Source, and Triad, there’s limitless possibilities for you and your family to enjoy the best audio performance from anywhere outside.

Seamlessly incorporate outdoor speakers into your landscaping and patio for a nearly invisible look, or take advantage of our beautifully crafted speakers and audio systems. They’re made to withstand the elements, and have a clear, loud sound that will take any pool day to the next level! Don’t worry about connecting/disconnecting from bluetooth audio, charging speakers, turning it up loud enough to hear from the pool or the struggle of finding a plug nearby. Simply hit play from your phone and forget about it! 

Stay cool with hot technology!

Grand Slam A/V & Security also offers pool environmental control solutions so ensure you don’t get too cold or too hot out in the Summer sun. Another great feature that our partners offer is the ability to automate your entire smart home system. From video surveillance to your door locks, security will be taken up a notch with remote, fully customizable options. Automation is the way of the future, let us do the work for you! Each and every one of our services are backed up by our top-tier network meaning that you will never have to worry about a lack of support from us or our partners. Quality starts with customer service, and comes full circle to the technologically advanced products and services that we offer!

Let Grand Slam A/V & Security do the work.

Not only do we offer full-home smart home technology, endless customization and automation options, but we work with the best in the business. One of these is Control 4, who can bring the magic of Josh A.I. to your home this Summer. The future has never looked brighter than it does with Josh A.I., allowing voice controls for every aspect of your home, in every capacity. Want to know the weather? Turn off the lights? Check your cameras? Ask Josh! With state-of-the-art pattern and voice recognition, controlling your whole home with your voice has never been easier. 

Contact us today at Grand Slam A/V & Security to get your home ready for the future of Summer!

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