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by | Jul 20, 2022 | Blog

Vacation vibes can be brought into any home with the right vision! Summer vacation is one of the best parts of the year and is something that you look forward to with your friends and family to take some stress out of your daily life. Whether you’re planning an upcoming getaway or staying in the air conditioning, Grand Slam A/V & Security has all of your smart home needs. But what if you want to elevate your current space to have vacation vibes all year round? We’re going to share our expert tips on how to make your home feel like a luxury resort this Summer. No need to travel – we’ve got you covered!

Elevate Your Experience

Vacation is all about new experiences, fun, and relaxation. Luckily, Grand Slam A/V & Security is an expert in all three! Using the latest in smart home tech, you can have the full relaxation experience without leaving your home this Summer. From projection screens that can make it feel like you’re in a stadium, to the highest quality indoor movie audio, our services and technology can upgrade any day spent at home. You can have a movie theater experience without stepping into the Summer sun. If you’re looking for relaxation, we have plenty of variety in our automated technology. Your family can monitor our automated security systems from anywhere, all while being notified of any activity right to your smartphone. Rest easy knowing that even if you close your eyes, your home is protected. The ease of modern smart home technology can make any day feel like a Summer vacation!

Outdoor Audio

If you’d rather chill outside on your patio or lawn, the best way to bring vacation vibes to your home is to upgrade your outdoor audio. Luckily, Grand Slam A/V & Security has access to all of the highest-quality outdoor audio solutions. Our partners know best when it comes to entertainment both inside and outside. When it comes to outdoor audio, Bluetooth can be a hindrance. The good news is with Grand Slam A/V & Security, there’s no need! Seamlessly listen to the same songs inside and outside of your home – without service interruptions. No pesky, tangled wires getting in the way of fun! One of the most important qualities of a solid outdoor audio system is the products being able to sustain the elements.

Worry not, all of our partners guarantee the highest quality outdoor sound systems. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics either! Grand Slam A/V & Security has endless options to fit every outdoor entertainment need. From options for seamless, hidden audio systems to the best looking, there is something for every outdoor entertainment space this Summer. 

Vacation Vibes All Around

Don’t miss out on working with the best in the business! Our products will bring an element of fun into any home, even if you’re doing a staycation this year. Futuristic technology isn’t just for sci-fi movies anymore, it can be right in your living room thanks to Grand Slam A/V & Security! At the same time, you can make your home feel like a five-star resort on an exotic island without traveling. Contact us today to turn your home into the vacation spot of your dreams and have access to the coolest gadgets around!

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