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by | May 24, 2022 | Blog

Summer’s right around the corner. With the warmer weather bringing families together, you’re going to need to upgrade your at-home entertainment. Grand Slam A/V & Security has all of your movie night technology covered, and then some. Take your night into new, exciting heights with our top picks.

Dragonfly Projector Screens

Armed with precision, Dragonfly’s top-of-the-line projection screens will work with any home theater setup. Their Ultra Black ALR sports charcoal-gray tones filtering out any unnecessary light. Less distractions make for clearer viewing, and these screens are optimized for 4K. Not only do Dragonfly’s optimum technology screens look great for movie night, but they’re made to complement any home decor style. Never have to roll up a flimsy, white projector screen again. Opt for quality with Dragonfly.

Stealth Acoustic Audio

Stealth Acoustics isn’t only a pioneer in the A/V industry, but they have perfected the built-in audio game. Gone are the days of bulky, unsightly speakers. Using Stealth Acoustic’s new LineaResponse X (LRX) Family, you can enjoy the invigorating sound without compromising style. These expertly crafted speakers are made to be invisible, built right into your home theater. The awards speak for themselves, and it can’t get much more cutting-edge than this.

Sony VPL-XW7000ES 4K Projector

Debatably the highlight of any movie night, whether inside or in the comfort of your outdoor seating space, is the projector. Upgrading your projector to one like Sony’s 4K Projector will transform the way you view movies at home: literally. This cutting edge laser projector sports 3,200 lumens along with new, dynamic technology. Colors are bolder, images are crisp, and your movie night has never looked more beautiful. Sony has reimagined video projectors, implementing an object-based super resolution system. Each object on the screen will be enhanced more than ever before possible. You and your family deserve the best in home theater technology. Who doesn’t love a good movie night? These top picks are a surefire way to make your next premier a hit with everyone who’s invited. Contact us today to upgrade your movie night experience.

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