Keeping Your Home Secure With Control4

by | Jun 15, 2023 | Blog

Home Automation & Security From A Control4 Provider

Summer doesn’t technically start until June 21, but many Americans are already hitting the road or the skies for summer vacations.  The summer season also experiences a significant uptick in crime, especially for places with high weather seasonality.  So, if you want peace of mind while gearing up for your summer vacation, we can help.  As a premier Control4 provider in the greater Houston area, we at GrandSlam are passionate about helping you keep safe the people and places that matter most.  

One of the best ways to keep an eye on your home while you’re gone is to have all access points and surveillance synced up to the same system.  Enter Control4 Systems.  As a certified Platinum Control4 provider, we know this system well and can tailor it to fit your exact needs.  Set an automated lighting schedule when you’re out of town right from your smartphone.  Additionally, you can monitor and set your home’s thermostat while away, in case you are leaving pets in the care of trusted friends or neighbors.  Furthermore, the home security features with Control4 are excellent.  You can receive real-time notifications on your phone when anyone or anything arrives at your front door.  All of this, including automated garage doors, wireless locks, closed circuit video, and more are available for your home.  

Let’s Get To Work!

Even in the heat of summer, we’re still working hard as ever to make sure you and every other homeowner in the greater Houston area can enjoy this season safely and with peace of mind.  Contact our dedicated team of specialists today and let’s get to work on securing what’s most important!

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