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We’d like to think the world is an honest place, especially around the holidays. Good cheer should be in the hearts of all, from the tallest to the smallest, and maybe even in the Grinch. This time of year practically screams peace on Earth and goodwill toward men, in song, lights, and every twinkling bell you come across.

Then we take off our rose-colored glasses and see reality. People are not always the best at being decent humans. Sometimes those who steal things do it out of poverty and neediness, not knowing how else to care for their own family, and sometimes people are just greedy. Whatever the reason, it still isn’t fair to the victim of the theft. If that victim is you, you still have to pay and deal with the hassle of replacement.

While the holidays are when many people are too busy to make complicated plans, they might also be too busy to go shopping for their own gifts. With potentially expensive and exciting gift possibilities sitting out on the porch for the taking, the temptation can sometimes be too much for the less honest among us to handle.

Sad as it may be, it is crucial now for homeowners to plan on protecting the packages that arrive on their doorstep during the day or anytime they are away. Fortunately, there are ways out there to deter such crimes. Ideally, you want to have your package inside, or at least out of sight. Here are a few to consider:

Have the Package Delivered Elsewhere…such as an Amazon locker.

Let’s face it—an overwhelming number of packages we receive come from this online shopping giant. And if anyone knows about packages that have “not arrived,” it’s the Amazon customer service department. Their solution? Lock it up! While there may still be the hassle of going to a store or other place of business, at least you don’t have to do the actual shopping again or wait in a checkout line.

Have a Neighbour Pick Up Your Package

This option, of course, necessitates that you have a neighbor close enough to grab that package for you. And also that you have a good relationship with that neighbor. However, some neighborhoods are perfect for neighborly favors such as taking in their friends’ packages. Neighborhood watch groups can also effectively deter theft if you are lucky enough to live in such a community.

Schedule Your Delivery

Part of the problem in receiving a package is that you often aren’t told what time you need to be home to receive it. You could be home all day, and then your package is dropped off after you’ve turned in for the night. Many delivery companies allow you to schedule a time of delivery now for your convenience. As an added point of security, you can require a signature. This is also a great option to use if you are going to be away or on vacation. USPS can hold mail and packages. Even if you can’t schedule an exact time, many companies give you a field to complete for added delivery instructions, where you can direct the delivery person to a good hiding place.

Have Your Delivery Sent to Your Place of Employment

If you work in an office where you and your co-workers are consistently in-office, this delivery point could work very well for you. Someone should always be there during working hours to give a signature if one is required. Of course, this option is not always ideal. If you don’t necessarily know or trust the people you work with, if your place of employment does not have space for packages, if you are frequently out of the office, or if you aren’t in the same office every day, this option definitely wouldn’t work.

Lock Up the Package When It Arrives

Using a device such as a BoxLock can keep your package safe and send the message that you aren’t messing around when it comes to the safety of your belongings. The idea is pretty much the same as that of an outdoor safe. You may have seen such boxes outside doctors’ offices or medical labs for the safe pick-up of lab specimens that need to go to a testing facility. There is no reason you can’t repurpose such a box for home use! Of course, there is an added expense to this option to consider, seeing as the only function of the BoxLock is to hold packages.

Purchase Insurance on Your Package

This is an option to use on your more expensive purchases to help give you peace of mind in knowing you won’t be out the cash you spent on the gift. However, it will not prevent the package from being stolen in the first place. If the gift you have bought is a very special toy for a very special someone who will be disappointed NOT to open that gift on its designated holiday, insurance will not rectify your situation. But at least you will be able to re-purchase the present without paying double the price!

Use Security Cameras Such as a Video Doorbell

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Evidence of security cameras, where someone eyeing up your freshly delivered package lies, could be enough to get them to continue to the next house. However, a full-blown CCTV system around your home might not be in the budget before the holidays. So, how about a video doorbell, where you can monitor everyone coming and going by your front door?

The best way to deter theft is to let potential thieves know that they are on camera. Video doorbells are so common these days; just about anybody walking by will check to see if one is recording their passing. Neighbours will check the doorbell before they let their dog do business in the yard… or not. So, you’d better believe that a thief will check to see if a camera is present to record their actions before considering taking or leaving that package on the doorstep.

Wondering how to get this security and peace of mind at your home so that you won’t need to think about the safe arrival of those Christmas presents this year? Grand Slam AV & Security can get you set up just in time to beat the rush of delivery trucks to your neighbourhood. Give them a call today and breathe a sigh of relief. This year, no one will go without the presents you’ve bought!

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