How Smart Home Tech is Good for the Environment

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Blog

Are you an environmentally-conscious homeowner looking for ways to make your home more eco friendly? Smart home and automation technology can help lessen your home’s ecological footprint. Keep reading to learn how.


Smart home controls and LED lighting combined can reduce energy use significantly. LEDs use less energy than traditional light bulbs and also last up to 50x longer. Smart lighting features can help in several ways:

  • Dim the lights to use less energy
  • Turn off lights remotely that you forgot to turn off before you left home
  • Sensors that can automatically turn lights off when they sense that no one is in the room

Climate Control

Smart climate control can save you money and energy on heating and cooling your home. No need to leave the climate system running when you leave the home. With smart climate control, you can turn off the heat or AC when you leave and turn it back on as you’re approaching home. You can also set your system to run on a certain schedule or sense when no one is in the home.


Smart shades can enhance natural insulation and let the sun help warm your home during peak daylight hours.


Conserving water is important and smart home technology can help you do so. Do you garden or use a lot of water on your landscaping? You can install a smart irrigation system that connects to local weather reports and senses current conditions to know exactly when and when it doesn’t need to water your plants.


From climate control to gardening, there are smart home devices that can help eco-conscious homeowners live greener. Contact us today to learn about more energy efficient solutions for your home.

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