Future of Smart Home Tech in 2023

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Blog

If you love smart home tech as much as we do, you’ll know that this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, or CES was a doozy in the smart home department!  Listed below are the three products coming out of CES that excite us the most. 


TVs at CES are nothing new, but LG may have outdone themselves this year.  Their M3 Series 97-inch wireless OLED TV is an absolute goliath.  Not only does it sport unparalleled picture quality and an almost laughably thin form factor.  This smart home theater-capable TV is absolutely wireless.  The TV receives picture from a transmitter box that can be positioned up to 30 feet from the TV without sacrificing picture quality.  Releasing later this year along with an 83- and 77-inch version, these LG TVs are bound to be a smash hit.  Be prepared to whip out the ole wallet though.  The 97-inch TV costs right around the neighborhood of $25,000.  The 77-inch is much cheaper at $2,900.  In the world of OLED, it pays to be pretty. 

Withings USCAN

On the opposite side of the smart home tech, another product that has us excited (for different reasons, admittedly) is the Withings USCAN.  Ushering in a new way to track and monitor your own health, the Withings USCAN is a small sensor you place at the front of your… toilet!  This thing reads your urine when you go and sends the data right to your phone via Wi-Fi.  It carries with it a myriad of functions.  It can monitor Vitamin C levels, daily ketones, and pH levels, and using a separate cartridge can allow female users to monitor their menstrual cycle.  Although it’s pending FDA approval in the U.S., Withings is confident it will be available to the public soon at around $499.95.  

LG ArtCool Gallery

Rounding out our CES product lineup is the LG ArtCool.  This innovative tech falls within the home air-conditioning category.  Gone are the days of clunky, loud, wall-mounted AC units.  The LG ArtCool is a smart wall-mounted AC unit with a 27-inch LCD screen.  This screen allows you to display any kind of art or photo on the wall via the ArtCool through the LG ThinQ app.  Pricing is not yet known on this product, but it’s bound to be a smash hit. 

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