From Network Solutions to Smart Home Entertainment, We’ve Got All The Bases Covered

by | May 16, 2023 | Blog

Give your home the Grand Slam Treatment

With smart homes projected to be a $75 billion industry by 2025, this summer is the perfect time to invest in the Grand Slam Treatment.  From network solutions to entertainment to AI-powered control systems, we’ve got you and your home or office covered.  

Network Solutions

Your network is the brain of your home or business.  Any smart home feature, no matter the size or expense, relies on your network to function at an optimal level.  When building a home, the foundation is most important.  Your network is the foundation of your smart home, and we will make sure it stands the test of time.  

Control Systems

As the greater Houston area’s leading installer of and Authorized Platinum Control4 dealer, we know a thing or two about smart home control systems.  With’s powerful yet simple approach to home automation, you can activate just about any device in your home with your voice.  It’s easy to use, private, and improving in functionality every day.  Additionally, check out this article from The Verge featuring ChatGPT and working together to make smart homes smarter. 


It’s of utmost importance to keep your home or office safe, both from physical and digital threats.  We offer numerous products and services with your security in mind.  From video doorbells to alarm systems and remote control locks, a Grand Slam security treatment ensures safety and peace of mind.  


We partner with distinguished brands like Denon, Triad, and Samsung to bring you the very best in smart home entertainment.  Whether you’re looking for a cinematic experience in your own home theater or want to host the family for the big game in the backyard, we can provide entertainment done the right way.  

Let’s Talk!

Whether you’re looking to deck out your home theater or are building a whole space from the ground up, we at GrandSlam would love to work with you!  Touch base with our team of experts today and let’s knock it out of the park!

Grand Slam A/V and Security

Grand Slam A/V and Security is your expert partner for home automation, security and comfort. Through connected systems and creative solutions, we give you on-demand access to music and media, simplify your home and business systems, and help you protect what matters most.

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