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by | Jun 17, 2022 | Blog

Summer is here! A season that brings joy, warmth, and fun. Something that’s not fun though is worrying about energy usage. Grand Slam A/V & Security knows this, and is on a mission to make environmental controls accessible, responsive, and more advanced than ever. Our featured partners strive to not only take stress off of homeowners, but the environment as well. Here’s a few of the environmental control options that Grand Slam A/V & Security offers thanks to our partners. 

Josh .AI

Josh .Ai

Like all smart home tech, Josh.AI is meant to make your life easier. This is especially the case during the Summer months, when schedules are hectic and trips are abundant. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a live-in assistant? Well, Josh.AI can do just that. With seemingly endless options for automation, custom settings, and remote access, there is no limit to what Josh.AI can do for your home. While you’re gone, you can use this amazing device to monitor your home. The security features are highly rated and the customer experience is top-notch. Using the “Josh” app, you can remotely control and monitor all of your properties with one easy to use interface. Summer is for relaxing, let Josh.AI and Grand Slam A/V & Security handle your worries. 

Control 4

Control 4

Speaking of relaxing, there’s nothing better than some cool, crisp AC when getting back home. Whether you’re outside by the pool, or across the world, you can use Josh.AI to control your air conditioner remotely. From ensuring that your home is at the perfect temperature by the time you open the door to keeping an eye on your energy usage, Grand Slam A/V & Security has all of your HVAC control solutions. No more will your home be humid when you get home. Just by using any smart device, like your phone, you can reduce the temperature to your desired coolness even before you’re on the road to home. In addition to Josh.AI, we also partner with Control 4 to give the solution of full home optimization and monitoring. This system is a flawless, foolproof way to monitor and control all of your smart home devices at once.

Whether you’re planning to travel or stay indoors this Summer, contact gsavs.com for all of your smart home automation and control solutions.

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