A Home Automation Company’s Favorite AV Trends From 2022.

by | Feb 17, 2023 | Blog

2022 was an excellent year for tech and 2023 is poised to be even better for the AV industry.  We’ve seen a myriad of exciting announcements from CES, CEDIA, and elsewhere regarding home automation, security, and interconnective capabilities.  As a leading home automation installation company, here is a selection of our favorite trends from the past year.  

Smart Homes Are Here To Stay

It’s no secret that homes keep getting smarter.  We specialize in the installation and management of home control systems like Josh.ai.  By allowing homeowners to be in the driver’s seat with simple voice commands, Josh.ai is an excellent example of what smart homes ought to be: easy to use, simple to install, and user-minded.  

Work From Home with our Network Solutions

According to the National Census Bureau, “Between 2019 and 2021, the number of people primarily working from home tripled from 5.7% (roughly 9 million people) to 17.9% (27.6 million people)”.  With the 2022 Economic census underway, it would not be out of the blue for that percentage to keep growing.  Integrating work-from-home programs for many companies continues to prove challenging. It is vital to have a reliable network system in your home to maintain productivity and deal with time-sensitive demands.  With organization, durability, and ease of use in mind for you, our home network solutions are a must if you plan to work from home.  

Home Security Automation Matters

Excellent home security is not only more accessible than ever but is also more necessary than ever.  According to reported burglary statistics in 2019, a home is “300% more likely to be burglarized” if it does not have a security system of some kind (Alarms.org article).  Enter Matter.  Matter is a new universal smart home device language that allows products from different companies and ecosystems to communicate locally via the same network.  Still in its infancy, with Version 1.0 dropping in October 2022, Matter still has yet to reach the whole gamet of smart home devices. It does already support product categories like, “bridges, controllers, door locks, HVAC controls, lighting and electrical, media devices, safety and security sensors, and window coverings and shades” (PC Mag Article).  

Whether you’re looking to cozy in for a movie night or need a full top-to-bottom home network makeover, GrandSlam AV is the best in the business.  Chat with our team today and let us help you make your home into a functional and intelligent oasis. 

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