3 GrandSlam AV Partners And Why

by | Mar 23, 2023 | Blog

We Only Partner With The Best

Here at GrandSlam we take pride in our work and ensure that the highest quality product and experience is delivered to you.  We apply the same standards to ourselves as we do to the partners we choose to work with.  From home security solutions to home theater and entertainment, here are three of the partners we are proud to work with at GrandSlam AV. 


Leading the market in home security and surveillance products, Ring is one of those brands that succeed no matter the conditions.  Ring is best known for its easy-to-use, self-installed products like the famous video doorbell.  For those looking to invest in the best Ring has to offer, their X Line of products provides a robust level of home security.  The Video Doorbell Elite X is a flush-mount video doorbell that comes equipped with state-of-the-art home security software.  Their X Line also includes wired floodlight and spotlight cameras coupled with sirens.  


In the world of home automation and voice control, Josh.ai leads the way with simple and easy-to-use products designed for every kind of homeowner.  By allowing users to sit in the driver’s seat with simple voice commands, Josh.ai is one of the top dogs in simplifying your smart home.  Josh.ai allows for the user to personalize exactly how much data is used, but will never sell data to third parties.  It’s the pinnacle of user-centered design.  It tailors to your needs, understands natural speech patterns, and keeps your home simple and safe.  


We go nuts for home theaters here at GrandSlam.  To us, it’s hard to beat the simple pleasure of a comfy couch, popcorn in hand, and gorgeously crisp sound.  With Denon’s suite of home theater products, it’s easy to spend days cozied up with your favorite entertainment.  Regardless of budget, Denon offers AV receivers, speaker systems, and Hi-Fi audio for listeners across the spectrum of cost.  If your looking to add some powerful sound to your home theater or want to build out a custom listening room, Denon’s got you covered.  

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